Education & Training

ISET (Indigenous Skills & Employment Training)

About the Program


The ASETS (Aboriginal Skills & Employment Training Strategy) program ended on March 31st, 2019.  It was replaced by a new program called ISET (Indigenous Skills & Employment Training).  This program focuses on both clients and employers to ensure clients engage in training programs that will directly lead to employment opportunities.  The ISET program has very specific targets and parameters based on current labour market information in The Northwest Territories.

Those Eligible to Apply for ISET Funding
  • First Nation, Inuit of Metis people within the South Slave Region
  • Off-reserve members of SRFN.
  • Courses where training takes place at a school or training site.
  • Those who are unemployed, underemployed or do not possess employable skills.
  • What is Required in Order to Apply
  • A completed application form
  • Proof of Indigenous status
  • Birth Certificates of all children under 18 years of age living in your home or that you are legally responsible for
  • An acceptance letter from the training institution or course provider
  • A schedule of ALL fees for the course from the school
  • Completed budget that covers all your anticipated expenses during the training period
  • Documentation from the school stating the start date and end date of the training.
  • Address, phone number and fax number of the training institution or business
  • Contact person at the training institution or business
  • A current resume, if available
  • Your employment status
  • If the client is currently drawing EI benefits their caseworker’s name and contact information is required, as well as the dates of their EI claim
  • If the client is currently a Social Assistance recipient their case worker’s name and contact information is required
  • Details and contact information of any other funding partners that the client has already secured funding from.
Important Issues Regarding Funding

All ISET funding that a client receives directly or is paid on their behalf is taxable and the client will receive a T-4A during tax season that must be declared as income.

Please be aware that we are required to follow a strict Confidentiality Policy, Conflict of Interest Policy, as well as the Privacy Act. Therefore, any person who wishes to apply for funding MUST CONTACT OUR OFFICE DIRECTLY in order to apply for funding.  Parents, family members, teachers, friends, etc… cannot apply for funding on behalf of others.  The client who wishes to receive the funding must call or email the Education Coordinator to apply.

The Confidentiality Policy and Privacy Act does not allow any ISET staff member to discuss the funding details of any client with any other individual, no matter what relationship exists between the client and the individual inquiring. Client information is only shared with the funding agencies involved in the intervention, the training institution and the clients themselves.

We also offer access to a computer, printer, popular software, internet access, fax services, books, reference materials, career and educational resources. If you would like more information on ISET services please refer to the contact information below. 

ISET Coordinator

Valerie Norwegian

867-872-2986 ext. 1010

Post Secondary Student Support Program (PSSSP)

About the Program


The program aims to improve the socio-economic outcomes for First Nations by supporting First Nations in providing eligible students with funding to access education opportunities at the post-secondary level.

To be eligible for funding, students must complete the program application form and include all the required documentation. For programs lasting over 1 -year in length, students must maintain a satisfactory academic standing within an eligible post-secondary institution and provide the required reporting to the HR Coordinator throughout their studies.


Eligible costs covered by the program may include:

  • tuition books
  • travel support
  • living allowances

The maximum amount payable per full time student cannot exceed $53,000 per year. On an extraordinary and justified basis, the maximum amount payable per year for a student in an advanced or professional degree program or a masters or doctoral program, may exceed $53,000 up to a maximum of $90,000. No student is automatically entitled to this amount.

Who Can Apply

Status First Nations post-secondary students who maintain satisfactory academic standing within an eligible post-secondary institution.

Funding is limited and not all students may be funded. Partial funding may be provided.

For more information, contact. Inuit students who formerly received funding through PSSSP should apply through their local Inuit Organization.

Contact the HR Coordinator for the application form by email at or by phone at 867-872-2986 etc. 1010.