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About Salt River
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Salt River First Nation is located in the Northern most part of Alberta and the Southern most part of the Northwest Territories. We are a mix of Cree and Chipewyan people. We have members In the Northwest Territories, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Newfoundland.

The Salt River First Nation community is a thriving space occupied by loving people that facilitate growth, acceptance, and love. We offer a variety of programs aimed at developing our youth and the surrounding community to ensure that Salt River First Nation can continue to leave a positive impact on those within and around it. Recently, in 2019, we opened a state-of-the-art business and conference centre which we hope will establish our community as a local commercial leader. 

Our Community

The History of Salt
River First Nation

Our Roots

The Chipewyan Indians of SJave River who entered into Treaty on July 17, 1899, were comprised of two distinct Chipewyan groups: the Dedharesche mainly situate north of the 60th parallel in the territory presently know as the Northwest Territories and the Thebatthie mainly situate south of the 60th parallel in the territory presently known as the Province of Alberta.

The Dedharesche and Thebatthie were collectively recognized by Canada as a Band pursuant to the Act first under the name of the Fitz-Smith Native Band and later as the “Salt River First Nation # 195” (the Consolidated Band). The Salt River First Nation are Chipewyan descendants of Aboriginal peoples who traditionally used and occupied land in the Slave River area. 

On March 27, 1988 the Consolidated Band passed a Band Council Resolution recommending the division of the Consolidated Band and the resumption of band governance in accordance with the discrete histories of the Dedharesche and Thebatthie.

Since March 27, 1988 the Dedharesche has governed its affairs under the name of the Salt River First Nation # 195 and the Thebatthie has governed its affairs under the name of Smith’s Landing First Nation (“Smith’s Landing”).

Election Code

Elections for Chief and Council are held in the last 2 weeks of September every 3 years. The most recent election was September 19, 2022. The rules of election are detailed in the

 Amended Amended Customary Election Regulations of the Salt River First Nation (In Force December 6, 2015) which incorporates all amendments approved by the Electors and put in force on the date of this Certificate.

Current Chief & Council

Acting Chief – Brad Laviolette      Levi MacDonald – Councillor

Kendra Bourke – Councillor        Freda Emile – Councillor

Donny Beaulieu – Councillor       Warren Sikyea – Councillor

Language, Culture & Wellness

We believe culture is directly linked to a person’s health, and an all-inclusive concept of health is a critical component of a strong cultural identity. Salt River First Nation, as well as many other nations believe that the way to achieve a balance of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects that wil create an all-inclusive wellness is through culturally specific, holistic interventions.

This holistic approach to education enforces a positive cultural identity, personal growth and development, and wellness that prepare individuals for living a balanced life that is in line with culturally specific understandings of wellbeing and thus instills a sense of hope.

Our holistic approach includes a range of programming from on-the-land family and youth experiences to in-house workshops and support groups.

Drop in for tea, coffee and a chat with our staff or bring your crafting materials and use our sewing machines to create something special.

Reach out to our Centre for a list of current and upcoming programs and activities.

Contact Us

Phone: 867-621-0242 language.srfn@northwestel.net

Christina Wanderingspirit, Supportive Care Worker

Phone: 780-243-7974 christinamartenspirit@hotmail.com

Location: 176 Wintergreen Street

Hours of Operation:

Regular hours: 9am – 4:30 pm Monday – Friday

Men’s Talking Circle – Call for more information

Crafting with Cree – call for more information